The Clock Ticks

By Chris Bunton

The Clock ticks,
tick tick tick.
Time drags on,
and on and on.

A million times a day,
 the same thing,
The same dread and hate all day
Every day.

Disrespect, again and again.
It’s my fault once again.
Whether from your mouth,
Or twisting in my head,

Another prayer to escape,
another prayer for change,
another prayer for peace,
another prayer to forgive,
just another prayer.

Change my attitude
Change my heart
Change my view
Change my dreams

I’m the bad guy.
I’ve changed enough
When is it your turn?

Revenge is yours
Where’s it at?
I don’t want it.

I’m not like them.
They love money,
More than life,
More than me,
and God.

It’s just another day.
A day to wait and wait.
A day to work and work.
A day to dread and dread,

Till we die.

(Bio: Chris Bunton is a writer, blogger and poet from Southern Illinois)

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