Inspire Others

By Chris Bunton

I came from a place of rock bottom. Where the Lord has lifted me up, cleaned me off and is working in my life.

That is a fact. But, I get discouraged. I want to help others, but it seems as though I don’t. It seems as though I’m a waste or stagnate or not who I should be.

I believe that God wants me to use my failures and my successes to help others. To help people rise up. To help them see better things. To help them know God, and be saved through Him.

But, sometimes I get distracted. Sometimes it seems impossible. Sometimes it looks like no one cares or is listening.

So, I pray and pour out my frustrations to God. And like He always does He moves and gives me a nudge. We have a language between us that He has developed which helps me to know He is there and working.

It just takes one person to let someone know that they matter.

God will bring someone or something into my life and give an encouraging word to me. God encourages me and reminds me of what really matters. He shows me that HE is what matters most. He shows me that inspiring others to know God is what matters most. That walking with God, changes lives over time and gives people hope, in this dark world.

So, like God inspires us, and keeps us going, we need to inspire others and help others so they can keep going also. It gives their life meaning, and it gives your life real meaning as well. It gives us a purpose and a focus. And when those times of darkness comes into your life and you feel that you don’t matter, God can show you an example of a time that you made a difference to someone. He can remind you of your purpose and what really matters, in life.

But, if there’s nothing there, how can He show you?  Let Him break your heart and cause you to seek Him, and love others. Let Him guide you to help others. This is a fallen world, but we can help each other get through it.

God loves you and is with you. Just turn to Him and ask Him. He will come running. And when He does, use the things He teaches you, and the lessons learned from your past, to help others make it through.

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