I’m a Failure

I’m a failure. I have been one my whole life. Everything I have ever put my hand to has failed. Maybe you are the same.

Yes, I have cursed myself. Yes, I have made bad choices and lived a wrong life style. No I haven’t chased my dreams. No I haven’t made goals, and maybe that’s why I have failed.

But, here I am a failure none the less. But, I am only a failure because of the rules this society has given me. I fail to live up to a set of standards that is not my own.

I no longer care about your standards, I am going to grow in my life as God sees fit. I am free to choose how to live, and to be the best I can be within the life I see fit to lead.

I have imagined the dream life. I have spoken it into existence. I have served God, and His kingdom, I have done all the things to succeed. And it’s coming. It surely is, even if it’s in heaven, it will come.

But, I admit that I am a failure, and it’s ok. I turn to God and seek His purpose for me, and I grow in it. I walk in the Spirit, and I grow in this life. I try. Boy, oh boy do I try. And I fail. And it’s ok. 

Because I still grow. I learn, and I conquer. I overcome. I break its jaw and I ride it to death. It’s mine.

I am content. But, I want more. I want to do better in my life and tell all those haters where to go. I want to be a hero, and be able to help those who are struggling. I want to defeat our enemies, and lift people up.

But, I fail, and it’s ok. I know God is with me, and He is going before me. He covers me and protects me in all my ways; I have no need to fear. But, I do. I doubt; until He shows me His power, and I remember His greatness.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can succeed. I am succeeding. I am conquering the plot of life God has given me. I am carving out the kingdom, in my existence. Victory is mine, because He has given it to me. He has given me the Promised Land. I can take all of the land before me and I will.

I am a failure, but my victories are real in Him. I see that my failures have made me who I am and have made me able to take it. I can take it. My success is my success. It is what I choose to accept as success, not what this filthy world system says is success.

I succeed, because God says I am a success. His opinion is all that really matters. Remind yourself of that.

I drive to do better, and I want you to come with me. God is moving, and He is already ahead of us.

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