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By Chris Bunton

Created perfect,
From the dust of the Earth.

Then, moved to the Garden,
the Paradise of God.

Created for a purpose,
a call to tend and to keep.

To garden, Paradise,
To protect, the peaceful place of God.

To walk with God,
in the cool of the evening.

Powers beyond us today,
buried within us today.

Total control of the Garden,
dominion with love and wisdom.

Communing with God,
and the natural world.

Friends with rocks, plants,
and talking to animals.

He knew each by name,
and loved them as brothers and sisters and friends.

But, she was missing,
and he never really knew.

But God, knew.
He saw the missing hole.

And He filled it with Eve,
the mother of the living.

How long did they love?
How much time did they spend?

Till the accuser came,
whispering lies, and doubt.

And she listened,
and she fell into a trap.

But, Adam knew.
He followed her.

He was not tricked.
He loved her.

He chose to die with her.
So, she would not be alone.

But…in his walks with God.
He found a friend. A best friend.

And Adam suspected that God,
might have a plan to save them.

And God still saves us today.

Chris Bunton is a Writer, Poet and Blogger from Southern Illinois.

Photo: Giant City, Southern Illinois.


Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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