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There is an Entity

By Chris Bunton

There is an Entity,
that fights to keep me back.

Everything I seek to do,
gets put on hold, with no control.

Over and over I try;
 and again the effort dies.

My bills are always on time,
but my blessings never arrive.

Who makes everything wait?
Who calls around behind my back?

Bad news always finds a way,
but the good news waits and waits.

What is this thing that comes on time,
to make everything else seem to fail?

It’s not a coincidence,
when it’s obviously done.

I could have been a contender,
but this entity takes over.

Major business call coming?
Cell phone just quit working.

Everybody watching me?
I trip and fall in everything.

In a hurry to get out?
Something dumb breaks down.

Someone shows up to say hi?
Never the ones I really wanna see.

That Entity drags it’s feet,
and causes the world to twist.

Just to slow me down,
and make me give up.

Just to tick me off,
and make me fail.

Just to distract me,
and get me off track.

To keep me in this hole,
till the day I die.

Having never really lived,
except to chase my tail.

That Entity is real,
and I can’t seem to escape.

Sometimes, the Entity
is me.

But, not every time.

When will I be free?

I have faith it will come.

Bio: Chris Bunton is a Writer, Poet, and Blogger from Southern Illinois.


Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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