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Not My Job

By Chris Bunton

You’ve heard the phrase.

“That’s not my job.”

You’ve also heard people complain about folks who say “It’s not my job”

Well, let’s look at some truth here. Who is right? Is it right to refuse to do something because it’s not your job? or should you go ahead and do it anyway?

First, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, a job needs done. It just does, and somebody needs to do it. This is a fact. Since you saw it, God has elected you to do it. Just humble yourself, and take care of it. Good things will come.

But, not every situation is the same.

As someone who has worked jobs his whole life, I can speak from experience.

If you do someone else’s job, you will be stuck doing it forever, and that creates problems for everyone. It does not help your employer, you, or the person you think you are helping.

If something goes wrong with the job you are doing for someone else, who should get in trouble for it? You?

If you get sick and can’t be there, who does the job, that you were not supposed to be doing? Nobody knows, because you always did it.

If a job is not getting done, then let it fail. It is not your problem. It is your boss’s job to solve the problem, and he is paid well to solve it.

Do you think your boss does jobs that is not his job? Nope. That is why you have a job. He pays people to do jobs he doesn’t want to do. People like you.

If you do a job, that is not your job and you get hurt doing it, should you get compensation? Do you have a real complaint? Maybe you never got the training because IT’S NOT YOUR JOB.

I have experienced this. I have had people do a job that they thought they should do. But, I had to fix all the screw ups that they did wrong, because they did not know what they were doing. So, their help, just wasted everyone’s time, and insulted the folks who normally do the job.

Your boss might want you to do things that is not your job, because they want to save money by not hiring another person. And that is the real origin of the taboo to saying “It’s not my job.” Bosses want you to do extra work. They are paying you for 40 hours, they want every second filled with labor for those 40 hours.

But, do they pay you more for those extra tasks? Why should they pay you more when they can just make you feel guilty for not doing it for free? The bottom line is that you are there to make money to provide for you and your family. If you don’t do what the Boss says, they will fire you. That is the nature of the relationship. Do not get it twisted. Your Boss might be a great person and care for you, and even be your “friend”. But, they will toss you if needed.

Folks have this idea that they want to go the extra mile, or work like God is watching. But, let me tell you. God is not a slave driver. He is not worried about your bosses bottom line. God is your friend and He is not trying to work you to death in order to make your boss rich. That is in your head. Do what you are supposed to do, and do a good job. If you’re asked to do extra, then do it with a happy heart, if able.

But, if you are just doing other peoples work, because you think it needs done, or you think you can do it better, then you are wrong. It’s not about the job, or the other person, it’s about you being a control freak. Examine your life. You probably do the same thing in other areas of your existence. I’ll bet your spouse, and children are miserable trying to live up to your standards.

The bottom line is that if the person is not doing their job, then it’s the boss’s problem. That’s their job. That’s what your boss is there for. To be the slave master.

Of course, there are times people need help, and you should help. But, ask to help. Make it known that you are helping, so that the job doesn’t become your responsibility forever.

Do not be a martyr. Do not say “Well, I’ll do it because no one else is.”

Oh boo hoo. Oh woe is you. Nobody cares. You are not helping anyone. You are just trying to make yourself look good and be useful. You can be useful, by doing your own job. If you don’t have enough work to do, then go tell the boss that he is paying you too much and you need more work.

You won’t do that. Unless, you really want to be a hero. Your boss will love you. You’ll get more work and advance. You might even get an employee of the month sticker for your car.

But, as soon as you fail you will be tossed out and replaced by morning. You are not special. You are not a hero. You are a slave.

Remember that and do your own job well, and let others do theirs.

Bio: Chris Bunton is a writer, poet and blogger from Southern Illinois.

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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