In My Life Time

By Chris Bunton

In my entire life,
the worst things to come
upon me,
has come at the,
hands of respectable
people, who call themselves

It has not been,
scary men, in dark shadows.
It has not been,
those people, across the sea.
It has not been,
the conman, stealing my soul.

It has been,
men and their wives,
who own businesses,
and lands,
and courts,
and governments,
and religions,

It has been petty tyrants,
desiring to be kings,
making life hard for those,
 just trying to get

It has been Leaders,
 who claim to stand,
against evil men.

But, what about rulers,
who destroy families
with the stroke of a
What about those men?

Everyday it’s something new.
Everyday, it’s some new rule,
created for those who obey.

Everyday the fear mongers,
work to sell a new law,
to those, they will betray.

When will it end?
When will our time be done?
When will the rich man weep,
while the worker has his fun?
How long, till we all can rest?
How long till we all can sit,
and watch the sun set?
How long till we all can live,
that long lazy dream?

Will it be in my life time?
Will it ever happen for me?

Bio: Chris Bunton is a Writer, Poet and Blogger from Southern Illinois.

Photograph: Pere Marquette State Park, on the banks of the Illinois River, at the confluence of the Mississippi.

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