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Churchianity Vs. Christianity

By Chris Bunton

Churchianity- Invites people to church.
Christianity- Invites people to know Christ.

Churchianity– Demands people attend services.
Christianity– Encourages people to spend time with God.

Churchianity– Gathers children for Christmas programs.
Christianity– Gathers children to go feed the homeless, visit the sick, and write letters to prisoners.

Churchianity– Destroys itself over choices of music, and colors of carpet.
Christianity– Destroys itself so others may succeed and live.

Churchianity– Sits on a mountain of cash, and only gives to those they deem worthy.
Christianity– Sits on a mountain of faith and gives to any who ask, as the Lord commanded.

Churchianity– Builds mansions to worship God in, while having members living in poverty.
Christianity– Builds simple places to gather, while helping those in need.

Churchianity– Follows the world’s business practices, worshiping Mammon.
Christianity– Follows Christ’s business practices, worshiping Him only.

Churchianity– Seeks the best people.
Christianity– Seeks anyone called by God.

Churchianity– Uses people and throws them away when they fail, and for petty reasons.
Christianity– Empowers broken people and forgives them.

Churchianity– Strives to appear to be holy.
Christianity– Is Holy by His namesake, regardless of appearances.

Churchianity– Supports the world’s masters, and rulers.
Christianity– Supports the broken.

Churchianity– Refuses to admit wrong doing, and refuses to make amends.
Christianity– Admits faults, seeks change, reconciliation and searches for those it lost.

Churchianity– Is Pastor led.
Christianity– Is Spirit led.

In case you wondered.

Bio: Chris Bunton is a Writer, Poet and Blogger from Southern Illinois.

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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