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I Die Daily

By Chris Bunton

There’s a verse in the Scriptures which says, “I die daily”.

It is a small quote, within the context of a larger concept, but it’s a powerful tool for life improvement and spiritual growth.

We often wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning, full of anxiety. Our mind races after problems, troubles, worries, plans, goals, mistakes, and depression.

But, if every morning we make the simple act of “dying” a reality, then none of these things matter.

Let me explain. This is not real death, although, in a way it is. When we say ” I die to self today.” And we believe it and accept it, a transformation occurs in our mind.

When we announce to ourself. “I die to self today. I am going to live for God and others.” Our focus moves from ourself to God and others.

We then live that day focused on serving God and others.

How can you serve God and others?

You serve God by being a vessel for Him to do His work through, to save and help others.

Our will. Our selfishness. Our sin, prevents that.

So, where are your hurts at? What has God brought you through? Drug addiction? Health issues? Divorce? Job loss? Prison? Homelessness? Death of a loved one? Suicidal thoughts?

These things are an indication of where we can let God work through us to help others.

When we die daily, we open ourselves up to see the hurt in others. We are not looking at ourselves, but outwards.

By doing this, it also works to heal us of what we struggle with.

We are what we think about all day long.

If our thoughts are always on depression, trouble, suicide, drug use, fear, desire, loss or anything else that hurts us, then it becomes magnified, or can manifest into our lives even more.

Dying daily can get our head out of those things.

I am not saying it’s easy. But, if you make a habit of dying daily to self, and speaking positive things to yourself, it can make a huge difference in your life.

In Christian concepts, we turn to God and give ourselves to Him. By doing this we die with Jesus Christ, and are buried with Him, and rise from the dead with Him.

When we believe this, and put our faith in Christ, confessing that Jesus is the Lord, it cleanses us and we are reborn.

Think about it. When we die, nothing can hurt us. Nothing can be against us. Because we are dead.

Imagine the freedom that brings. All the pain, all the rules, and all the evil of this life does not really hurt us.

We are not of this world, and the suffering here ends in death.

Dying daily is a powerful tool for life improvement, it will transform you. Giving yourself to Christ will transform you in ways you can only hope for.

(1 Cor. 15:31)

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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