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Church Nursery

By Chris Bunton

You were in that church nursery,

where they forced you to play.

They made you share your toy,

with that boy, who kept stealing it.

They got mad, when you beat him,

with that red fire truck.

They said you were bad, and needed

a long time out.

Everyone made a big deal,

and you learned a lot that day.

That day, your mom never went back.

But you went back on that day,

when they let you out of jail.

On that day when you needed help.

When you asked them to share.

To share with the time out boy,

who stole and fought his pride.

And they said no.

No help for you today,

the Samaritan’s not here to pay.

And you never went back.

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Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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