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Am I Better?

By Chris Bunton

Over the years I have wondered.

“Am I a better human being than I was before? or am I just sober?”

Are we really better? or are we just trying to avoid trouble, keep from hurting our family, stay out of prison, or make more money? Are we better human beings?

This journey we are on, can be the first steps toward a whole new life that is real. It can be the steps toward us doing amazing heroic things for ourselves and others. Or it can be more failure and us doing the bare minimum to just get by.

Sometimes all we can do is just hang on. Sometimes we wanna go get wasted or do something dumb to make ourselves feel better. But, we know what that leads to. It leads to more trouble and failure, in our lives.

God did not create us to be failures. He did not create us to spend our lives fighting addictions, or wallowing in defeat. He created us to be glorious and to take care of the Creation. He gave us dominion, to love and help others.

This world is about growth and drawing near to God. We will struggle, but the victory was already won. You will win, if you give yourself to Him. A child struggling to walk, is not a failure. The parents are right there, and his victory is assured already.

Keep this in mind in your struggles. You are not worthless. Every drop in an ocean matters, and every drop finds its way back one way or another.

Learn to grow, and use it to heal. Seek to be more than you are.

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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