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Self-Improvement vs. Life Improvement

By Chris Bunton

I have read tons of self help books and articles over the years. I have watched videos and listened to books on tape from all the biggest names in every self-help category.

I have taken the good and tossed the bad. I have practiced it all. And I believe I have improved myself through it all.

But, I have always taken issue with the term self improvement. It has not sat well with my spirit. Because I feel as though I am excluding God.

The question becomes, did I really improve myself or did He improve me? Did I decide to make life changes or did God motivate me? I have my own answer for this. I think God is behind it.

Anytime we seek spiritual change or seek God, it is Him calling us to Himself. We are too wrapped up in the day to day life of living in this fallen world. We are full of trouble in our fallen minds and lives, so we do not seek God, without His prompting. And He always calls us, we just don’t always hear.

But, in relation to Self-Help or Self-Improvement. I have decided to use the term Life Improvement for the process I am involved in.


Because it is a proper complete term. The things that I am doing are improving my whole life. My body, mind, soul, and spirit. It helps my finances. My relationships. My everything.


I am also working to improve the lives of other people. It’s not just myself. I actively try to be a light for others. I seek to be someone who actively works to help improve the lives of other people and society as a whole.

I also seek to improve life in general. The life of our world, the life around me, the environment. The lives of plants and animals. The ecosystem. The planet. I seek to tend and keep the Garden of God’s Creation.

This is life improvement. It is more than self. It is about life in all its wholeness. It is about the creation. It is about the spirit and this gift we enjoy. It’s about our relationship with God.

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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