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The Two Kitties

We have several stray cats that live in the neighborhood. Most of them are wild. You cannot get near them or pet them. They sneak up and get food, or water, or to be nosy, but not much else.

I’ve learned over the years in my spiritual walk that one of the places that humans can learn spiritual truth from, is nature around us. I’ve learned that the Word of Truth is written in the fabric of everything. The entire creation declares it.

Not only do we have stray cats that are totally feral, but we also have one cat, who through a series of events has become far more friendly with us. This kitty now has a box by our backdoor, and daily food. She also has had kittens. She still won’t let us pet her. But, she follows us around meowing and talking. She sits near us when we sit outside. We love her and take care of her, even though she is still some what wild.

On the other flip of the coin, another stray cat mother, has had her kittens in a bush, at the back of the property. She hisses anytime you get near. We can hear them meowing. She takes care of her babies, and is a good mom. But, her life, and the life of her kittens are very different, than the cat who now lives by our backdoor.

Do you see a lesson here?

The cat who came to us and started communing with us, and trying to have a relationship with us, is protected and provided for. She has our covering over her, and her babies.

The cat who lives in the bush, refuses us. There’s not much we can do without forcing the issue. We still leave food for them, and warmth in the winter as best we can. She still has protection but it is limited. Unless we set a trap and capture her (and others), there’s not much more we can do.

So, the lesson is that when we reach out to God. When we try to have a relationship with Him, and to know Him, He responds to us. But, the truth is that God is seeking a relationship with us, before we even ask or seek. He is the one who puts it in our hearts to seek Him.

We see the good things he does for us. We feel the love that comes, and we want more of Him. His love changes us, and we share His love, and our changed lives with others.

This is the kitty by the door. Through a series of events she found herself drawn closer to the only One who can help her, and make her life better. The only one who can save her. This dawned on her at some point. She brought us a dead kitten. Then, in the middle of a thunder storm, she moved her kittens into a box, we provided by the back door for her family. SHE did that. She KNEW to do that. God is there with Love. He responds and is ever ready. If we even consider spiritual things, it is because He is calling us.

Humans are like the kitty in the bush. We are in a harsh world, and we must survive. We must make it through. We become tough. We hiss and rough it out. That is what this fallen world creates. But, we must realize, that this world is hard for a reason. That it is fallen, and that the hard world causes us to seek something more, something good. Something beyond this misery. Something outside ourselves. And that something, is God. Everything works, to lead us to God, or cause us to work and fight to do it ourselves. That’s the life we choose.

God calls us to Him, and to a life of relationship and spirit with Him. Just ask. Let Him reveal it. He is real, and rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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