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Am I an Addict?

By Chris Bunton

Yes, you are. You might not be sleeping in alleyways with a needle in your arm or standing in line at the dispensary or buying the cheapest liquor you can find, but you are addicted to something.            

Mcdonald’s fries, gambling, religion, Facebook, work, Netflix, sex, your hobby, chocolate, running, stealing, sin, anything can become an addiction. Why do we become so easily addicted? We become addicted easily because; humans were created to become devoted to God, the good things of life, and fulfilling our purpose. Addiction was created for our good, it is supposed to help us focus, but it has become warped.            

The enemy distracts us from what we are supposed to be focused on. Our enemy uses outside chemicals, and internal chemicals and hormones to give us pleasure in order to pull us away from God, the good things of life, and what we were created to do. We are our own worst enemies, it is true. But, we are not alone. There are demonic forces attacking us as well.            

The list I gave you is full of bad and good things.  We must strive and pray for balance in our lives. We must seek to rid ourselves of the things that drag us down and kill us, and rob us. Perfect freedom is you and Christ only. Then, He brings everything else into your life. None of us are perfect. He makes us perfect, when we turn to Him, and then He works on us. I’m showing you what is perfect, so we know where we stand. I’m not trying to get you to give up McDonald’s fries. I’m trying to get you to let God, work in your life, because He knows what’s best. He will help you to remove things, and get you to be glad it’s gone. Our addiction should be God, good things, and our purpose.           

Do I miss being a drunk? Sometimes, I think of the old days, and I remember spending times with friends, cooking food, adventures, excitement. And fun. I start too long to have those things again. But, then I remember the fights with those same friends, puking up those yummy meals, and going to jail on those adventures. I remember the fear of that cop car behind me in the rear view mirror, the loss of family, children, jobs, reputation and my whole life. That settles it. That drives the devil away, and I go longer and longer periods between thoughts like this. Eventually, I begin to hate that old life, and what it does to people. What it does to children and our society.            

We are addicts. The first step is to admit it, and confess it to Him, and let Him remove it by whatever means he chooses. Are you desperate enough to let God take over and remove it? Do you trust Him enough to be willing to fall on your knees and surrender all? Even if He kills you? Even if He takes everything from you? Even if He makes it to where you never see your loved ones, again? Even if He locks you up for good? Are you really desperate?            

We will often fail. These are battles, but we will win the war. We have already won if we turned to Him. Remember that. When we fail, we confess it to God, and let Him work. We keep confessing, and keep confessing, trusting that He loves us, and is on our side. He knows best, and is working to remove that thing we cling to. Eventually, you will see it gone. Eventually, you will have balance and freedom.  Just remain with Him.            

We did not get screwed up over night, and it will also take time for God to work those things out of us. He will remove things as He sees fit, and is best. Trust Him.

(Bio: Chris Bunton is a writer, blogger, poet and editor from Southern Illinois.)

Published by Chris Bunton

Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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