Entitled to Love

By Chris Bunton

They tell us;
“You are not entitled to anything.”

But, somehow we feel that’s wrong.

The birds have food,
the beasts have water;
and they can find a mate.

They tell us;
“The world is harsh,
it hands you nothing.”

But, humans seem to make it worse.

Your rules, and laws and boundaries of the mind;
enslave us to earn a dollar,
while you stand and jeer and watch.

They tell us;
“You are only entitled to death and damnation.”

But, God calls me friend;
He sought me and He bought me, and He gave me a hope.

 We are all in this same boat;
sinking into the deepness of death;
and yet, you think you are better.

They say;
“You are entitled to nothing.”

But, we are entitled to love,
and love is what we owe.

If we loved each other;
despite our unloving ways,
the hard edges would smooth to silk.

We love money,
more than each other;
in this place that is dark.
In this world they created;
by our enslaved hands,
through our blood, and our tears and our broken backs.

So, maybe all of it is ours.
Maybe we will let you keep a little.
And then watch you beg for some love;
while we drink booze on a beach,
in the glorious sun,
just like you did to us.

Will that day come?

Is revenge the answer?

Maybe then you will feel entitled to love?

We are no better,
so maybe never.

Maybe we do deserve death,
since we choose not to love.

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