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Rise Up and Walk

Rise up and walk;
when life’s got you down.

Rise up and walk;
your way around town.

When depression sets in;
and you only see the end.
Rise up and walk.

A little here. A little there.
Around the block;
or down a beautiful trail.
Rise up and walk.

If you’re sick;
 pray and believe.
Then, rise up and walk.

Trapped in a place?
Rise up and walk.
Use those legs to escape;
and carry you away.

Bored with life?
Bored with those gray, lazy days?
Rise up and walk.
Go see the sites.

Use your super power;
to rise up and walk.
Take yourself away,
from the troubles of any day.

(Photo: From a trail in the Shawnee National Forest, in Southern Illinois.)

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Publishing Editor for The Yard: Crime Blog.

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