The Real Tragedy

By Chris Bunton

The real tragedy is that We the People of the United States, of all races and beliefs do not trust our media or our leaders.

Our media is divided, and divides us. None of them tell us the complete truth, or don’t tell us anything unless it has lies twisted in.

Our leaders of government, and every industry and institution, enrich themselves and betray us when they get the chance.

They feed us poison and fire us at the drop of a hat. They fill our heads with lies and worthless information that does nothing for us. They send us to die in senseless wars. They shoot us in the streets over nothing. They steal money from our checks and businesses then waste it or send it over seas, while we scrape to get by. Imagine what this country would be like if we had even a third of the money we send to other countries where the leaders horde it and refuse to help thier people.

We cannot get anything done to solve the problems Americans face, and when we shout or rise up, or push to get change. Those leaders blow it up in our faces and refuse to listen. They refuse to take blame and make valuable changes.

Instead they make changes that keep us divided in hate, and making themselves richer.

They blame us for the problems while keeping the solutions under lock and key, until we obey their wishes.

We do not trust our media, or our leaders, and we have grown to not trust each other.

We have a great heritage of people rising up from suffering and oppression to freedom. We have awesome power. But, it all has been corrupted by those in positions they do not deserve.

This isn’t about race, or right or left. This is about what we all have faced. This is about what they have done to us. It’s about working us to death and keeping us down. It’s about leading us along with scraps, while they feast like kings. It’s about being tired of decades of struggle. It’s about seeing what they have done to us and being powerless to fix it.

We want leaders and media who can be trusted. Who solve problems without creating more, and without hurting others.

It can be done. We are smart people. We can figure out how to live together in peace and thrive and grow to greatness without tossing each other under the bus.

We have to. Or it’s going to get worse and we will never recover.

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