Universal Food Care

If I was President, I would push to make our food, water, and other products safer.

People are demanding Universal Healthcare. They want free medical care for life. But, my question is, why are we not demanding that the food, drink and other products we use, not poison us? Why don’t we demand that we are free of poisons? Why don’t we demand Universal Food Care?     

Why not create systems whereby we eliminate diseases that we are aware of, or suspect is caused by what we consume?  We are well aware that most of the leading causes of death and disease, such as Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, and Obesity, are caused by processed chemicals in what we eat, drink, use and rub on our bodies. Why are companies, allowed to continue to poison us?   

Why don’t we demand health, instead of healthcare? Wouldn’t it be wise to reduce disease and death BEFORE, instituting a Universal Healthcare system?  Wouldn’t Congress be more likely to pass such legislation if the cost was greatly reduced by reducing the amount of sick people?           

I’m sure there will be arguments stating that companies have the freedom to poison us, and that we are free to choose different products. But, is that really true? When we consider that many people are too poor for better options. And they often do not know that these products are bad for them. They also have the assumption that they are protected by government agencies, or product testing, even though that has been shown to be untrue. Remember, every product that the FDA has recalled, was first approved by the FDA.            

These are not the days when people can just grow their own food. The majority of people are at the mercy of companies selling products at the supermarket. Yes, people can make better choices, but should they be forced to? Why not force the mega corporations to provide products that don’t kill us?                  

I’m sure it will be said that we cannot prove the products cause various diseases. But, I’m sure that we can show tons of evidence that would meet the burden of proof.  But honestly, why would that even be needed?            

It seems like a no brainer that we should require companies, selling us food, drinks, and hygiene products to not poison us. To require that no chemicals be used that is not organic. And not just labeled organic, or called organic after they have paid lobbyists to get laws stripped and changed to deceive people; but really, honestly organic, and healthy.            

I realize that people would feel it violates their freedom to choose to eat garbage. This is one of our most cherished freedoms. It is outlined in the Constitution, right under the Amendment that gives companies the freedom to pollute the planet. I’m being sarcastic.           

But, I’m not saying you can’t eat poison. I’m saying we make it less poisonous. You can eat your potato chips, but why not eat chips from potatoes that have not been grown in chemically fertilized soil, sprayed with pesticides, and herbicides, genetically modified to look pretty, cooked in oils that kill us, and sprayed with spices that are filled with preservatives, and food coloring. Maybe we could do that. Drink your soda. But, why not drink a soda that has no high fructose corn syrup in it? Why not a root beer made like it was in grandpa’s day, with real ingredients?            

That’s all I’m saying. Why not save lives, and pain and suffering by getting companies to realize that a healthy product is a product that makes money, and doesn’t require cheap ingredients that kill your customers. Why is it wrong to get companies to start caring about people instead of money? To care about the planet, and the good things of life?            

We need to demand healthier food, instead of demanding that more taxes get taken from our checks to pay for diseases that could be prevented. Universal Health Care cannot succeed without healthier lives.   

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