Our Nation’s Rock Bottom

There comes a point in a person’s life where things must change.
They have hurt themselves, and others.
They have lost everything they had.
They have even lost their way.
It’s a point,
 where the failures and the terrible things of their past rise up to haunt them.
They must change or perish.

Because of what they have allowed to happen,
 they find themselves in situations of pain.
Because of choices they’ve made,
 they have lost all their friends, and their family.
They must be real with themselves,
 and others.
They must forgive themselves,
and others.

There is a place,
where you wake up laying in your own vomit,
or in jail,
or next to someone you hate,
and you decide to live differently.
It is a moment,
 when you wake up with clarity.

A person decides to eat right.
They decide to stop using drugs and alcohol.
They decide to exercise more.
They decide to seek spirit and love and God.
 They decide to focus on family and being a good person.
They cast off the ideas that have led them down this path.
They seek what is good and solid and sure.

It’s a new birth,
but it’s also a death.
 It’s a death of bad relationships that drag them down.
It’s a death of a lifestyle, which has hurt them.
It’s a casting off of that old dead carcass, into a glorious light with hope.
It’s a struggle to finally release.

There is Love, in rock bottom.
It is a place where we find our way, or we perish.
It is a place where we become real.
It is a place where seek to be who we were meant to be.
It is a place where we become new.
It is a place where we cast off what has ruined us.
It is a place where we realize that perishing might not be so bad.

It will happen, eventually.
It happens to people and even nations.
It’s by design.
It’s Time.

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