Are You Growing?

What is God working on in your life? Are there things that you know needs to change? Are you praying for God to show you and help you to overcome things in your life? Pray and ask God to show you what He sees about you. Ask Him to reveal to you, your sins and anything wrong; so you can confess them to Him and start working on them.            

Recently, I’ve prayed about anxiety in my life. My mind often runs amok, with all kinds of concerns and accusations. God has given me a means to resolve this, and I am working on it. That is what I am growing into now. That is what I’m working on. God is working too.            

You might have Anger, Pride, Fear, Doubt, Negativity, Addictions, Materialism, Hatred, Gluttony, Lust, or any number of other things. Are you trying to overcome them? Are you giving them to God?            

Are you working on something to improve yourself? It should be spiritual things. But, it could also be learning a new subject. Learning a new hobby? Are you trying new things, new books, new foods and new travels?            

Are you growing? Are you growing straight or crooked? Maybe you need to be tied up straight? Maybe you need pruned, or fertilized? Maybe you need more light or water? Maybe more space to grow? Maybe there are too many weeds, or insects gnawing at your growth?  

Are you growing? Only live things grow. Pray and ask God to save you and bring you to life in Christ Jesus. Pray for Him to grow you, and let Him show you where and how to work on yourself. Let God grow you.

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