My Plumber

My toilet sucked.
It would not flush.
I was like a caveman,
with an outhouse.

So, I called my plumber;
he estimated thousands,
to help me fit in,
with all my neighbors.

It was way too much,
but he had a plan.
He knew a Man,
who handed out grants.

He had a friend,
who gladly loaned,
me money
backed by the Man.

The plumbers bill,
was paid in full.
But, it all seemed planned,
like a well laid scam.

My toilet flushes,
but there’s no water.
And now I owe the Man,
for giving me a hand.

By the way,
this was not my plumber.
It was the college,
they said I needed.

It was the place,
the councilor pushed.
And all the jobs,

(Photograph is President William Henry Harrison’s house in Vincennes, Indiana at Vincennes University)

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