Just Go

Just go! Get away from this place that makes you sick and maybe you’ll find yourself. Travel to where you want to go, it’s there waiting for you. Your life is but a vapor and drifts away, while you slave for another.

Just go! Seek God, Seek Spirit, Seek the touch of the Divine, and find healing in the going and escaping. Seek inspiration and love in the place you desire to be. Don’t spend another day in misery. Live your life for something greater.

Just go! Get away! No one lies on their death bed wanting another day to slave away. Enjoy the things God has given you. The good things of life. Go help others and bring health to yourself.

Just go! Travel somewhere close. Then, go further and go more, and grow as the days go by. Seek those things you love and become more than you were, and more than you ever could be.

Just go.

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