The Philosophy of the Turd Sandwich

The philosophy of the turd sandwich is basically where you or someone else tries to convince a person, that the turd sandwich they are eating is actually a roast beef sandwich.

To say it differently, you or someone else is having trouble in life. So, you come up with or deliver some philosophy to someone else; which basically does nothing but make them comfortable, or forget or justify what is happening to them.

I know that is not very clear, so let me give you an example. Let’s say Joe has a job he hates, and a boss who is a jerk. So, he complains to his best friend and his best friend says “Well, at least you still have a job.” That is a turd sandwich. It does nothing to solve the problem, and it only silences or soothes the person who is suffering.

Here’s another one. Sally has a bad relationship, and a life that is unfulfilling for her. While surfing through Facebook, she sees a meme that talks about how a person in Haiti lives in a dirt floor hut, and drinks dirty water. He has a club foot and an infected tooth. Then, the meme says, “Your problems are not that bad.”  That is a turd sandwich. It tries to make you feel better by showing that things could be worse. It seeks to guilt you into silence or acceptance of things that should be better or changed. We know things are jacked up. We can see that things are not right.

But, nothing ever gets fixed. Your problems and mine are no less valid, than anyone else’s. Our brain does not differentiate between types of stress and anxiety.  I feel for the person in Haiti or anywhere else, and think he should have his problems solved too.  The idea behind the turd sandwich is the thought that we cannot solve problems, so we have to justify or make ourselves feel better. There are entire religions based upon this concept. We have kept ourselves, and entire civilizations quiet and docile with philosophies, that continue to let those in power abuse, rob, and kill us. We have created ways to accept, justify, spiritualize or explain away suffering, when we should be putting a stop to it.

Why can’t we fix what’s wrong?  I think we can, and I no longer want to accept the turd sandwich they have been feeding us. I want to solve problems, not make excuses or justify evil, or suck on a pacifier to soothe myself.

Those with the power and the voice, and the money do not want to change the system. Or else it would be changed overnight. It’s amazing how fast Congress and courts can move when the system itself is in danger. Those in power can shut down the entire system in a week if they want, but yet claim to be powerless to solve the most basic problems of our society.

We have experts who can tell you how to live your life, and can figure out how to make poisons that destroy our world, and keep us enslaved, but they can’t put their heads together and come up with solutions? And if you think one political party is the solution, and that another party is the problem, you’re not getting it. You are eating the biggest turd sandwich of them all, because neither party has solved anything at all. It’s all just a pacifier to keep you quiet, while you eat the turd sandwich they feed us.

Stop being soothed. Get mad. Stand up, and ignore the lies. Demand that things get solved. We can make a better world, if we try.

 Let me tell you, that there are two types of tragedies in this world; natural and man-made. Natural tragedies are things that we are truly powerless to fix right now; such as death itself, diseases, genetics, and natural disasters. Humans are powerless to stop or change these things at this time in history. These are things we must just “deal” with. These are things that our philosophies and religions can help us with.

But, man-made tragedies like poverty, war, crime, inequality, oppression, and these sorts of things can be fixed. Humans have been in societies for thousands of years and we have not been able to solve these problems yet? We have not been able to figure out how to not treat each other like crap? We have not tried. Those in positions of power have not wanted it changed.

We don’t need a turd sandwich philosophy that makes us feel better when it comes to man-made tragedies. We need a philosophy that gets us to stand up and fight to solve these problems and to not take it anymore. A philosophy that realizes that these problems can be fixed, but there are those in power who do not want to fix them.

We need to stop swallowing the turd sandwich and letting suffering continue just because we can come up with spiritual ways to make us feel better in our suffering. Instead we need to come up with spiritual and intellectual ways to solve the problems, and end suffering.

I’m done suffering in silence, and letting those who allow it; get away with it.

4 thoughts on “The Philosophy of the Turd Sandwich

  1. This is absolutely true. People do get away by feeding us with turd sandwiches 🥪 and the worst part is that older generations have been fed so much that it has become nearly impossible to shed light on the practical solutions to man made disasters. Anyhow if we unite against the wrong , a better world can be birthed.

    Do check my blog too!!
    Take care


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