Our First Love

I see folks on Facebook talking about praying to God to heal the land, and to stop the evil in the land, and to drive away pestilence and all of that. I’ve heard it for years. How exactly do you think God will do this? Are you really ready for it? Maybe the problem isn’t the things YOU think are the problem. Maybe those things are the symptoms. Maybe our love of money is the problem? We are like fish swimming in the love of money. It is everything we breathe, even if we don’t want to believe it.

 When God brings a sinner to Himself, He often breaks the sinner. He has to get the sinner to let go of everything and turn to God only. That is how it works in real life, that is how it works in God’s Word. It works that way with individuals, and it works that way with nations. God does not see things the way we see them.

So, are you willing to be broken? Are you willing to be poor? Are you willing to suffer, and trust God? What if God allows our economy to be destroyed? Would you help the poor? If he makes you one of them? When Christ returns He judges the nations. He says nothing about abortion, racism, homosexuality, pornography, drugs, or any of the other things preachers whine about. He says…”What you did unto the least of these you did unto me….”   He judges based upon whether we loved. Whether we helped the poor, the sick, the naked, the prisoner.   THAT! is good stewardship. That! is what a good and faithful servant does. He acts as His master and let’s the sun shine on the just and the unjust.

When God sent the people into Babylon, he does it because they were greedy and destroyed the land. They allowed no rest for the land or the people. Just money, money money. Greed. They did not trust God to take care of them while they let the land rest. They did not trust God. So, He put them in a situation where they had no choice but to trust Him. And the land rested. The debts were forgiven. All the wealth was taken away.

Are we really ready for God to help us? Are we really ready to realize that maybe the abortion we cry about is caused by our love of money? Are we willing to see that our children are handing our land over to the enemy because of our love of money?  Are we willing to believe that our love of money, keeps us from being good stewards, and helping those around us?  Are we willing to see that every industry and institution is corrupted by the love of money? Even His houses of worship makes decisions because of money.

Don’t be surprised when we are broken.
Don’t be surprised when we need wheel barrows of cash.
Don’t be surprised when we run to Egypt to sell all we have for some corn meal.
Don’t be surprised, when the cows of Bashan, walk around in filthy rags.
Don’t be surprised when we are sold into Babylon
Don’t be surprised when we must choose between Christ and a bite of food.

Do you really want God to heal us? Do you trust Him enough to let Him break us? Joy comes in the morning; when we remember our real first love.

4 thoughts on “Our First Love

  1. I have been broken 💔 but Thr Lord is bringing me closer and closer to Him.i had much pain in my life and still 💔 but, His Holy Spirit reigns in my heart ❤ and that is all I need
    Thank you for the post 📫 GHod bless and keep 🙏 you.


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