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Desire for Travel and Adventure

I have a strong desire for travel and adventure. It eats at me and I must go. I have sat at home too much, looking at the same old things. I sit watching others who are out on Friday nights, or on vacation while I desire to go do something as well.     
I am tired of never going anywhere. It gets old sitting at home when I could be checking out a new restaurant or some place I have never been. There is no one who laid in their deathbed and said “Boy, I sure wish I had spent more time at work.” No! They desire to have more time with family, and friends. More time doing the things they never did, growing in spirit.      
I have decided I will travel and have adventures. I will no longer waste life, I will no longer be a failure. I will explore, live, grow and help others. I will know God, and see His creation. I will drive out fear. I will cast off all the things that drag me down, getting lighter and lighter, as I fly in life. Getting stronger and stronger. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.   
I will try new things. I will eat new foods, and listen to different music in exotic places. I will have fun. I will learn new hobbies and travel to do them. I will find people to go with me. People who desire to live, grow and be real. I will add spice to my life. I will not listen to the nay sayers who fear life.       
What can I do to make this happen? I have a vision. I need to set goals and a means to make the vision real. I need to convince myself I can do this thing. I can do it. I have a vision. I know my spirit is right with God.  I am setting goals. I will try one new thing each day. I will travel to see something new each week and eat at a new restaurant. I will check out local sites as I work to go further in my travels and adventures. I will research new things, new hobbies I might like, and new places to go see. I will place them on my list and do them.       
I will educate myself and become an expert on my task. I will work to be healthy and physically able to enjoy what I desire to do as best as I possibly can. It does no good to travel a thousand miles by car, and train and plane and not be able to climb the steps to see the site. I will do what I can, and beyond.     
I will start setting aside money every pay for my adventures and travel. I will throw my change into a jar because it adds up. I will have a yard sale, to clear out clutter from my house, as I also de-clutter my life. I can sell items online. I can cut costs in every aspect of my life. Do I need this? Do I need that? I can do without. I can wait a week longer. I don’t need that!! I will tell myself.     
I can research bargains and sales for travel locations. I can travel with someone to split some costs. I can cut the cost of accommodations, by camping, crashing with friends or that Facebook friend I’ve never really met. I can sleep in my van in a parking lot, which is an adventure in itself.      
I can get family involved to cut costs. I can start out with small, short adventures and build upon that. I can talk to travel agencies, and see what they can do. I can find travel groups to go places with.       
Yes! I can do this, and I will. I am doing it, period. There is nothing stopping me that cannot be overcome. I need this for my health, and for my soul. It will help in my happiness, and give a good way to escape. It will give me something to work on, and look forward to. There really is no downside. Overcome fear, doubts and failure. I have a desire for travel and adventure. I will feed that desire. Go.

(Photographs: Chicago, Pittsburgh Skyline, Festival in Chicago, Giacometti Sculpture: The Walking Man at D.C.’s National Gallery of Art, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water)

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