I was walking downtown at night, when I got the strong smell of whisky in my nose. It was over powering, and brought back memories of puking that stuff up a thousand times. It was Southern Comfort. The smell was so recognizable I could almost taste it.            
I have not drunk in over 17 years, but it still hits me like that. I can choose to miss it, or choose to hate it and be glad for being free. I choose to be free, and happy.            

These memories will jump in our minds as we walk in recovery. We must reject them and turn to bad memories not good. Those memories can lead us back into the bars we walk past or the liquor store on the corner, where they know our name.            

I was eating dinner at a German Restaurant. The waitress came out and immediately started telling me all about the beers, and specials. This happens a lot, at breweries and wineries. I have grown to be able to just move past it and order water. Some of you are not there yet. So, don’t go there.           

Everything on the menu was cooked in beer or had some kind of rum, wine or scotch poured on the food, or cooked in the recipe. They say that the cooking process removes the alcohol. But, I remember grilling out in my drinking days and pouring beer on everything. I did this because I was a drunk, not because I was a master chef. Do they really need the booze to make the food taste good? Or do they put booze on the food, because they are drunks?           

I’m sure the alcohol is cooked out. That is not my concern. My concern is that I will eat or drink something that will stir a memory in my mind. Then, that memory for that taste of booze will grow and grow again. I am free. I will do nothing to get back in bondage, even if it makes me seem silly. I don’t care. The person, who thinks I’m silly, will be the person who thinks I’m silly, when I’m puking in a gutter somewhere. Ignore those people.            

Avoid those memories. Those memories will work on you, and can bring you down. Just don’t go there. Don’t go to that place. Don’t play that music. Don’t eat that food. Your freedom is of more value than all of that. You can overcome.

(Photograph: Pittsburgh at night)

2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Excellent post, Chris. I too have thought: “Do they really need the booze to make the food taste good? Or do they put booze on the food, because they are drunks?“


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