Telephone and Address Required

This is going to sound crazy, but I want to be truthful and straight about it. I really hate when government or business organizations require that I provide a street address and/or a phone number. This has been a recurring theme in my life for years and I’m honestly tired of it.

I don’t want these people calling me or visiting me. Period. The fact that they demand or require that I provide this information before receiving the services attached to it, is basically treating me as though I am guilty of some crime. Guilty before I have even had a chance to prove that I’m not. Or I should say despite years of not being guilty of such crimes as you would need this info to prevent. Punish the guilty not the innocent.

Why else would a government agency, such as the DMV require my street address? I provide a P.O. Box, so they can mail me things if needed. But, that’s not good enough. I must give an actual address. I assume it’s so that they can come get me for some future crime, which I might possibly commit. Neither the government nor a private company has any reason to know where I physically dwell. There are no debtors prisons, where they will come get me and take me to if I don’t pay my bank fees. But, they demand it. I provide them with the info needed to collect any debt. They do not need more.

I asked the DMV what would happen if I was homeless. Can homeless people not have a driver’s license or vehicle license? After the lady at the counter went into a back room for a bit, a man came out and informed me that I would have to provide an address for a church, or homeless shelter or some other place. So, I said, “but then I would have to come back and change my address if I moved, and then change it again if I moved again, sort of like a registered sex offender, right”  I thought I was to be considered innocent till proven guilty.

It’s illegal to not change your address on your license every time you move. But, honestly why do they need to know where you live? My address is not proof of identity. Can I get a license with a water bill only? No. But, your bills are proof of where you live. It’s so they can come get you. That is the only real reason I can come up with. What if I decided to have a nomadic life style? I would be required to have an address in order to have a license, so how could I exercise my freedom to travel or move around, unless I walk everywhere. Course, if you walk everywhere you will eventually be stopped and asked for ID, which might require an address. I do not mind providing mailing info, or such things needed to do business, but I hate providing my exact location. It’s none of their business where I live. I’m not guilty of anything, and they should not assume I will be guilty in the future.

If I register for things online, they often require a telephone number for their free service. Well, it’s not actually free if you are requiring me to pay for a phone, now is it? Here’s my deal. I pay for every minute on my flip phone. Yes, I still have one of those phones and I like it. I feel it provides me with a measure of freedom. No contract. I reduce the amount of irritating people calling me, and I’m mentally free from staring at a smart phone constantly.

And that brings me to the conspiracy theory. Why do they want or need my phone number? Obviously the answer is to call me and sell me crap, or try to at least. But, perhaps the reason is far more nefarious. Perhaps they want to track me, and spy on what I do, in order to hone their selling tactics; which we know they are doing?  Today it’s for business, tomorrow it’s about control. (I wrote this in 2018, today we have contact tracing for COVID. We also know they track us and listen because of Snowden)

As a conspiracy theorist and a watchman, I know where all this technology is heading. It is ultimately heading to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy with the Mark of the Beast, where all buying and selling is controlled. (Rev. 13:1-18)   You will not be able to purchase anything from anyone without having this Mark. That is where this technology is headed. Total control.

Imagine that you are standing in line at the store, and the cashier says, “I’m sorry Miss, but you cannot purchase any food this week. Your funds have been shut down because you made a politically incorrect statement in a phone conversation last week.” Or “You purchased a bag of rice two weeks ago. You have 3 people in your family, and based upon serving sizes, it is impossible for you to have used up the bag of rice yet.” Total control. And that does not even include the loss of our souls.

I pay for things with a check or cash normally because I have no cards. So, I go to Wal-mart and buy my groceries with a check. Normally, there’s no problem, but on occasion they will “randomly” ask for my phone number, which is not on my checks. One time I refused to give it. I said I have no phone. They literally had to shut down the line until a manager came and figured it all out. The computer would not work until a phone number was put into the system. Why? Doesn’t the check reader see that I have the funds available?  Why does Wal-mart require that I have a phone? Can I not purchase food without one? I provided a Drivers License number, which is good enough in most places.

Facebook wants my phone number. My email accounts are all going to want my phone number. I found one that doesn’t and I love it, but how long will that last? My Yahoo account is locked because I refuse to provide a number. Why do you need it? Are you going to harass me with every email? Are you going to ask me out to the prom? What if I legitimately do not have a phone, or the money to pay for one? Do I have to lie? Do I have to give someone else’s phone number? Is it really that important?

Well anyway, my life is moving into a more electronic state whether I like it or not. Yes, I could go be Grizzly Adams, and would love it. But, currently that is not an option if I want to function in society as a normal person. So, they are forcing me to provide the info as I get more connected. The thing that makes me feel better is the fact that if they do not have my physical body, then they really do not have me. But, perhaps that is why they will eventually force you to have a mark or a chip implant?

There will be no escape.

(Photograph: This is my flip phone. I still use it. I have to wrap a rubber band around it to hold the charger in place.)

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