Happy Place

I was asleep, and in my happy place. I’m not sure where that is, but it is a place where I finally relax. It is a place where everything is ok. Where there are no problems. I was there, and I was happy; until suddenly I was pounced on. I was literally pounced on by my wife with both hands. And she says
“Are you warm?”
So, I thought, “Well, I am now that I’m scared to death thinking a tiger was eating me.”           
“Your breathing was weird.” She said,        

“That’s because I was dying, and going to my happy place. Why did you stop me?”
Do you ever notice that it seems like old married guys always get sleep apnea?           

I’ve slept alone for years perfectly fine, and went to my happy place, every night and enjoyed myself. But, apparently when I go there, I stop breathing. So, I told her. Just let me die. I don’t care. I’m happy. I’ve escaped this place.           

This got me thinking, that all these old married guys are trying to escape. Every night they go to sleep and they find their happy place. The one place they can truly get away. And there she is pouncing on them and taking them to the doctor.
“He stops breathing in his sleep” She says.           

“Well, we’ll fix that” The doc says. “Just strap this thing to your face when you sleep and it will force feed oxygen into your cranium and make you to stay alive.”            

So, these CPAP machines, that these wives trick their husbands into wearing are actually, like those ankle bracelets prisoners wear. It keeps them from escaping to the happy place.            

Seriously, is there anything really worth staying here for? Has this life been so great to you that you wouldn’t like to go somewhere else?            

We get drunk to escape. We travel to escape. We skip school to escape. We call in sick to escape. We read books and watch movies, and listen to music, to escape. We do art, and enjoy time with our families to escape. Why is this world so awful that we constantly try to escape in some way? Maybe we need to change our lives, or society and create a life we do not feel the need to escape from.            

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Time flies when you are having fun?”  That’s because you had escaped, and now this world is dragging you back into its miserable clutches. Time drags when you are in chains.            

Have you ever noticed that you hate Sunday night? You dread Monday morning. You dread it because you had escaped. You were free.  You were yourself and alive. But, now it’s time to go back to prison. Now it’s time to buckle down and do your masters work.            
But, secretly you start looking for Friday. You start working for the weekend. You realize that you are really working so you can have money to do what you love, when you are free to do it. You thank God it’s Friday. You are free again. You have escaped.            

We work for retirement. That is escape. That is the hope of freedom. That is the carrot they dangle in front of you to get you to slave away and waste the best years of your life, making them rich. Then, when you finally get to retirement, your body hurts, and you can’t remember what you had for breakfast. You go to do the things you love, but worry about breaking a hip, while you do it. It’s a joke on you.            

Stop giving your life to people who would replace you in a day. They would fire you, if you post the wrong thing online, or if they need to save a little money. Live for God, live for family, live to help others, live to be the person you were born to be.            

We work 40 hours a week to pay for a mansion we barely spend time in. We work to give nice things to family members we barely see. We are in debt to things that control us, and drive us to sell ourselves into slavery.            

And that’s why we long to escape. Free yourself from these things, and live the life God calls you to.

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