Failure To Whom?

They say we fail;
losers extraordinaire.

By whose laws?

By whose rules?

Not yours or mine, that’s for sure.

They own the world,
they make the rules.
They set the bar,
and make us lose.

They need slaves,
and someone to rule.

They need trash men,
and janitors to clean,
their palaces of steel

They need to keep us dumb;
to beat us down,
and addict us to them.

They raped this world,
then blame us,
just for being born.

Who are “they”? You don’t wanna know,
cause then you might have to,
stand up, and throw down.

We’d fail at that too.
They’d change the rules.

But, maybe not,
to hell with their rules.
The only rule is love.

The only rule is life,
and peace and joy,
and a purpose to fill.  

They don’t want us to have that.
It is freedom and escape,
with God.

(Photograph is of the Pittsburgh Skyline.)

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