Why Do We Hate Work?

I would say that the vast majority of us do not hate work. We were created for a purpose.

We hate having a job, working ourselves to death for people who don’t care about us, and for nothing other than money.

We hate not fulfilling our purpose. We hate getting up every morning to go do things we know doesn’t benefit us ultimately.

We hate knowing that stress and depression is killing us and our families, but we gotta earn that almighty Dollar.

We hate wondering every day, why we are here, and what our life is good for.

We hate seeing ourselves becoming angry, bitter and resentful.

We hate the greedy bastards who seem to rule our lives, and act like they know what’s best for us.

We hate being afraid that if we make one mistake we and our kids, will be homeless, hungry, and helpless to fix it.

We hate having to beg for pennies, from people who make millions.

We hate making choices between our kids, our health, our soul, and making a boss rich, while we scrape to get by.

We hate being called lazy for not wanting to be your slave any more.

We hate not being able to succeed, in our own lives.

We hate not being able to fulfill our hopes, dreams, and purpose, because we waste our lives on your hopes, dreams, and purpose.

We wanna stand up!
We want our needs met!
We want to pursue our purpose, without regret!
We want meaning from it all!
We want respect!
We want dignity!
We want control of our lives!
We want equality!
We want to be free!

(Photograph is of the bridge crossing the Mississippi River, at Chester, Illinois.)

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