Unofficial Bosses

Unofficial Bosses

You know who I mean. I’m talking about those people in our lives that seem to try to rule over us, in some way. They have no real authority over us, but try everything they can to keep us in line, according to their rules.            

It might be that co-worker who thinks she or he knows more, or has the right to tell you how to do your job, or has some control over your work. They are like little Hitlers, invading everything and controlling it.            

It could be that driver in the car in front of you, who is blocking your path. You know the guy who is in the wrong lane, or driving the wrong speed, or just plain stupid. It should be legal to run them off the road. You know you feel it too.            

I went on a tour of a historical building last year. I made an appointment for my tour with a group at exactly 12:30, which was the time they gave me. I paid $30.00 in advance for the tour. These people are experts and know how long tours take, and how many people on average come. This should help them streamline their system            

But, yet, even though I arrived early and was prepared to be pleasant and learn, I was required to wait for about an hour. The only place to wait was in the gift shop, which of course gave others who were waiting plenty of time to purchase items. I’m cheap. So, I didn’t purchase anything.            

Now, I’m a pretty patient person. I’ve learned it over the years. But, I’ve also learned that many times people intentionally make you wait because it benefits them, and their business in some way. I can understand that, but if you make me wait, then you are stealing time from my life. My time is valuable also I should be able to demand a refund or something for the time stolen from me. Actually, I shouldn’t have to demand. It should be gladly given.            

Think of the Doctors office. You made an appointment, and you better not be late, and you better not cancel. But, even though you obey the rules, you are still going to sit and wait. All you have in this life is your time and labor. That is your value. You should be able to send the doctor, dentist, plumber, cable guy, mechanic, preacher, lawyer, or any other “Boss” a bill for your time. It should be a point of ethics, and backed up by law.            

What about government entities and courts? In America, “We the People” are the boss, we pay taxes, and this is a fact. But, we bow and scrape to all of the masters who seem to be over us. We should get tax breaks for the time we spend in government lines trying to fulfill some law. We should get free gas for the amount of time spent sitting in traffic because of construction. And don’t talk about safety or quality of roads. They shut down 20 miles of highway, so they can stand around and watch one guy work. Now, I understand they are milking the job, and working hard in the blazing heat. But, I still think the whole thing could be done differently.            

If I’m required to go to court for some law violation, I should get time and money off my sentence for every minute I sit waiting, or hour I miss of work, or gas spent driving there. It should be part of the fine, or punishment. I’m to be considered innocent, till proven guilty, but yet, I cannot get this time stolen from me back.            

And yes, I have been to court many times, and I have pleaded guilty simply because I could not afford to miss work. It was easier and cheaper than a lawyer, missing work, and all the time and trouble of fighting it out. That should almost be a violation of our rights to receive a fair trial. If I try to get my fair trial, I lose my job, home, and who knows what else.            

Now, of course I’m somewhat kidding. We greatly appreciate the people who do these jobs, and need them to continue. We also provide services to them, and waste their time as well. It’s just frustrating to deal with so many such things, not to mention our real bosses, or work. It’s proven that stress kills. Is it any wonder that so many people try to escape from the things of this life, in any way they can?            

I just think that as a society we should work on trying to make things easier on each other, instead of harder.

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