Agony of the Heart

Agony of the heart,
turns for our good.
When giving ourselves to Him,
trusting who we are.

Nothing is true,
about our pain.
It lasts a moment,
till winds blow it away.

Nothing happens unknown;
nothings new in this world.
All is built on piles of past,
and we shall fly by again.

Eternity within us;
our souls remain.
Just a moment today;
tomorrow forever.

Published by Chris Bunton

I'm a Writer, Blogger, Activist, Poet, Social Commentator, Speaker, Artist and Watchman. I work on Drug/Alcohol/Criminal Recovery, Spiritual Being, Life-Improvement, Society Change, Culture Change, Freedom, Environment, Health, Survival, Outdoors, Prophecy and Life. I try to serve God and others. I try to do better in my life, and I want you to come with me. I pray you have a great day.

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