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Mother’s Day Poem

Mother’s Day Poem

The beauty and love of God is in all things.

God said,

“I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children…”

After the Fall of mankind in the Garden, God said this to Eve;
the mother of all humanity.

And it has been taught that it is a curse upon her, and maybe it is.
But, God’s curse is that she loves and cares.

She desires to love and care for that perfect man to be her husband,
even though there is no perfection in this fallen world.
And it hurts.

She conceives of a child, and she falls in love with it in the womb.
She suffers terribly if that child goes to be with God too soon,
but she knows in her heart that she will see that bundle again someday.
And it hurts.

She births a child, and it hurts.
The whole world can see it hurts,
but that pain turns to joy when she sees the little baby born.

And she loves that child with so much love it hurts.
She smiles, and prays for the child.
And those prayers draw her closer to God.

But, that sorrow comes with the Love.
She hurts when that baby hurts.
She is worried for that child all the time. And it hurts.
It is sorrow, because of Love.

And that child grows and the love for them grows,
and hurts when that child suffers through the pains of this world.

Till one day, the child must leave and go to be an adult.
And it hurts.
That Love aches to see them go, but the joy is full,
along with that sorrow, of what might happen.

And that Love and ache continues for life.
and it hurts.  It is love.

God turns a curse, into Love in the heart of a mom.

Praise God.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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