The Blessings of COVID

There have been many bad things that have come out of this COVID-19 shut down order. We all know what they are, and can imagine worse things to come.

But, I want to talk about the blessings.

It has given people the chance to see what is really important. It has given people the chance to spend more time with the ones they care about most. Perhaps, it has helped to save a family, or a marriage.

This could have caused people to seek God, and to have time to spend with their creator. It has allowed the natural world a chance to breathe and have a break from mankind for a while.

This shut down has caused businesses to become creative and innovate in order to survive. It has caused workers the chance to wake up and re-evaluate what matters, what their purpose is and where they want to go. It has shown bosses that workers matter.

We have been blessed to see that our system is very fragile, and needs to be strengthened. It has given people a chance to wake up to what could happen.

This shutdown has given kids a chance to be kids. It has caused them to learn to entertain themselves. It has kept them from the peer pressure, and the bullying. It has kept them from opinions they should not hear.

We now know we can do alright on our own. We can make it without getting together with others. We are strong.

It has given some people, such peace to not have to deal with the headaches of life. It has given others a chance to work on the things they love, and move their life in a better direction. It has given the slaves a break.

It has helped us to see what is essential and what is not essential. Being essential is relative; if we miss it or need it then it is essential to us. Not because some rulers say it’s essential, but because we ourselves say so. It has helped us to figure out how to be considered essential in the future; to be needed, to help others, and be valuable to the community.

We have learned that we can spend time alone with God, and worship Him, and hear is voice in our heart without the help of others. Getting away from others has helped us to escape many of the things, which have brought us down.

It has shown us that our freedom is essential, and that we can love others at the same time. It has helped us to see that it is not all about us. What we do, affects others.

Regardless, of what bad things the future holds. We have experienced good things, which will go with us. Those experiences will give us a different perspective of what we should do, and where we should be. It has prepared us for change, which will surely come.

I don’t think that we as individuals will ever go back to who we were before. We have grown. I don’t think our society will be the same either.

(Photograph is of an old train tunnel on a train track that has been turned into a trail. Tunnel Hill Trail, in the Shawnee National Forest of Southern Illinois.)

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