The Power of Whatever

Whatever! I probably say it a dozen times a day, and it makes things feel better. It has an odd power to shift the mind off the subject at hand and on to other things. It can allow us to cope with the crap this world brings to us daily. So…

When your spouse or lover says something that you hate to hear say “Whatever”. When they tell you they are going to do something you can’t stand, and you wanna jump them for it, say “Whatever”.  When they break up with you again, say whatever. Enough of those “whatevers”, will become nevers; oh never ever again.

When your boss chews you out again; breathe whatever. When they pile more work on you than you can possibly do; say whatever. When they screw you out of money, or time, or anything; just think whatever. Eventually, you’ll have enough of it, but not today.

When your family sticks their nose in your business, one more time, just say whatever. When they try to control you, and force you to do what they want you to do, just say whatever. When they show tough love, and ruin your plans or dreams, just say; whatever. All the “whatevers” make you stronger and show that you tried to get along, until you are finally done. Oh whatever.

When you get that bill in the mail; say whatever. When the neighbor does it one more time; say whatever. When the phone rings and you hate who it is, say whatever. When your plans get screwed up or stood up, say whatever. Get up and fix the problem, driving all that care away with whatever. Things will work out, and there’s almost always another choice. 

When the traffic sucks, and your car barely works. Whatever. When things are too much, and it’s falling apart. Whatever. When you can’t take much more, but you know that more will always come. Just shout whatever! When you need a break, but the break won’t come, just say whatever. Whatever happens happens. Pray and give it to God, and say whatever. Release it, and let it go till next time. The fight will come, as it always does.

We get stronger and learn. We grow, as we break, again and again. Not every hill is a hill to die on. Some are just, whatever. As time goes on, more hills become whatever, and you start to focus on the things that make you say “Yes” All the distractions and frustrations become whatever, and the loves, joys and thrills of life become more and more Yes, yes, yes.

(Photograph is of a reflecting pool in the National Conservatory in Washington D.C.)

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