You Are Not Cast Out

Verse:  “All that the father gives me shall come to me; and him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out. —John 6:37

     I failed in my life; and like so many others I had asked God to save me when I was young.  I went to church and I asked God to save me as a child, but then life happened, and I got worse and worse. I’m not the only one. I have spoken to so many people who have asked God to save them, and help them. But, then they failed; and they could not keep right, not even for a day. They could not measure up to the standards the church people or family or friends put them under.  I was the same.

      But, God did not give up on me. Every tough time in my life, was God working in me trying to get me to listen to Him. Every good time, was God showing me he cared. He was with me, even though I ignored Him until I really needed him. There are so many people walking around who think God has cast them out. He hasn’t. If you asked Him to save you, He has, and He is working.

     Now, imagine you hired a contractor to save your crumbling house, and make it great. But, you forgot you hired someone. Yet, you come home and trip over boards lying around. You step in wet concrete. You get mad because of the noise, and cannot figure out what’s going on. Your roof is gone one day, and some unexpected rain gets in the house. Another day, you feel nice and warm because all the drafts have been sealed, and you have new windows, and new insulation.  You never see someone working, but something is up.

     You can’t figure out what’s going on because you forgot that you made a contract with a Master Builder. He comes and works every day. But, even when he leaves the project to sit for a while, it’s for a purpose. The concrete is drying. The drywall mud is drying. The landscaping is growing. But, the Contractor is still working.

     This happened to me, I prayed to receive Christ when I was young, and I got worse. I never realized the truth of it. But, I knew that He answered my prayers. Finally, He woke me up, through life’s breaking power, and I threw myself on Him. Then I started to learn of Him, and grow in Him. Now I see the boards on the ground, and the wet concrete. I enjoy seeing the landscape grow; because I’ve let Him teach me, and wake me up. I’ve studied The Builders Manual.

      Now I can look back at my life and see that He was there, and working all along. No matter what family said, no matter what the church said, no matter what friends and enemies said. God was there working, and He never abandoned me. No matter how bad I am, He is there working as He promised. Even still today, He is there. Everything that happens to me is Him working in some way. Turn to Him, and learn of Him. Ask Him to save you and teach you His ways. Listen to His still small voice and follow Him. I know it’s hard. Tell Him it’s hard, and that you need Him to do it. Then, watch Him move.

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