Does Your Life Suck?

First, stop cursing yourself. Say good things about yourself, and your life. Speak goodness into your life, and into your mind. I know things are hard. I’ve had hard times too. But, things will not change until you change them. The hard times are designed to get you to seek God, and start you moving. Moving begins with speaking and thinking. You need to get the ball rolling and watch God work. You gotta take the steps in faith, moving forward, and keep taking the steps until eventually you notice that you are walking on water. You’ll be walking where you never dreamed possible and said it couldn’t be done.    

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been there, and I’ve tried and tried and fought and failed and it never seems to get better. But, what we need to realize is that life is not about our here and now. It’s about our eternity, and the eternity of others. It’s about drawing closer to God, and struggling through the things that come to mold us and shape us, and prune us, and melt us, to get rid of the things we don’t need and the things that hurt us.     

You might be born in a bad place. But, honestly there are no good places. They all have different challenges that we must overcome. Some folks say that they need a break, or a miracle. They say they need a magical bolt from the blue. But, other folks say you need to lift yourself up by the boot straps, working hard and being persistent, and consistent. But, I say it’s both. It’s you working with God. It’s you doing what you can, following the Spirit as He leads you, and seeing miracles happen. Then, one day, you’re just there. You’re just in a different place and you do not know how it happened. It was Him.


If you want to be happy you need to be right with God, and you need to be excited about life. It is hard living in this world of death and decay, but you can be happy in the midst of it. You can change your view of it.     

Think of the times when you were happy and I’ll bet you were excited and looking forward to something. You were doing things you love, with those you love. What makes you unhappy? Is it the drudgery of life? Is it getting up day after day, and slaving away with no real hope? Are negative people dragging you down? What about responsibilities you no longer want? Or maybe it’s health issues?     

Start waging war in your life, start standing up and speaking good things, and truth and standing against what drags you down. Begin by figuring out what your dreams are, and what things you enjoy doing. Then, start doing them. Fight anything in your mind or life that seeks to stop you. Fight the doubts and fears. Get rid of the people or lessen your contact with them. Use the job that is killing you as a means and method for doing what you really want. What is the life you want? Do it. Stop focusing your life and time on what is hurting you and use it to help you. Pray and let God open doors and guide you. He is calling you for a purpose. He, Himself is your purpose.     

Travel to places you’ve never been, even if it’s just across town. Study a new subject. Learn to do something new. Go for a walk or a hike. Sit and clear your mind and relax. Learn a new language. Try a new food or try cooking it. Try every restaurant in your town and beyond. I consider myself an expert on every Chinese Buffet in my neck of the woods. Go fishing. Do things that excite you and stay excited. You gotta look forward to what’s coming. Not dreading another hour or day. Help someone in need, and you’ll help yourself. Start a new business. Do volunteer work. There are all kinds of places that could use free help. The list could go on and on.     

Figure out the things you want to do and do them. Start making progress on your dreams. Become a master at your hobbies. Create a bucket list and start doing it now. If you cannot think of things to do, then just go. It doesn’t matter where. Get the ball rolling, and pray and see what God brings into your life.     

These things can help start bringing good into your life, and give you an excitement for tomorrow. It gives you a reason to live. But, you must also pray and start cutting out all the bad. Start with what you have total control over and grow from there. Eat better, exercise more, get rid of an addiction, face a fear or doubt, do what you can do.     

Start cutting off the negative things and people, but be aware that there will be a battle, and more negative or trouble will come to try and fill the void left by what you have removed. Just say no. You must take control as God leads, and not feel guilty. I have become an expert at detecting negative people in my life, and pushing them to the side. Do it in love. Do it silently and unnoticed, but you must cut those things off, so you can get better. Then, when you are better you can help them or be stronger to put up with them. Be a minimalist, and reduce the things in your life that doesn’t matter, so you can make room for blessings, and have enough to help others.     

Your life doesn’t suck. It is a piece of ground, given to you by God. It has weeds, and wild beasts, and giants for you to struggle with and remove. It’s your life that you need to cultivate into a beautiful garden, so you can give it back to the Master, with a smile, and a well done.

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