Walking on Water

When we have trouble in our lives we often pray to God. But, sometimes we do not see anything happening. We expect a bolt from the blue, or a miracle, but God mostly works through His creation.            

So we relax and have faith in God, and His goodness, His love, and His promises. But, we often already know what we need to do about the situation. We might not know exactly, but we know enough. We might have been given just a hint or enough information from God, to take a step in faith.            

We might be sick. But, we know enough to realize that we should change some health habits in our lives. Perhaps start eating better or walking a little. We know we should stop doing that thing we do, or stop going to that place we go. We know enough to take a little step, then another step, and we pray more.            

Maybe we are fighting with someone, and we know what caused it and what we must do to solve it. Just take a step. Then, another, and another. You prayed, now take that step you know to take. Trust God.            

I’m not saying you should jump off a cliff. But, you could drive up there. You could buy a map, and find out where the cliffs are. You could take a step. Then, another and another, pray and keep having faith.            

You might feel crippled, but called to walk. Take a step. Pick up your mat and walk. You already know enough. God has given you faith and enough information to take a step. Just do it. You prayed and prayed and prayed, but have you believed He answered and is waiting on you to trust Him and take a step?            

You might be called to do the impossible, like walk on water. So, take a step. Test it. Look into it. Then, take another step, and have faith that He is there. Then, take another step, and another, trusting Him, until eventually you look, and you are walking on water.            

Don’t stop trusting. Don’t worry about the wind, it’s nothing but air. Keep stepping and having faith. He is there.

(Photograph from Hannibal, Mo. over looking the Mississippi River.)

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