A Terrible Christian

I’m a terrible Christian. It’s a fact. Other Christians look at me and say “He said what?” or “He believes what?”  Or they might say, “That’s not very Christ-like.” And it’s true. I sin wickedly. But, they do also. They just commit the socially acceptable sins. They commit the churchy sins.            

There are so many people who have asked God to save them, and God has saved them. But, then those same people are driven away because they do not obey all the churchy rules. They don’t say the right thing. They don’t go to the right church. They still smoke, drink or chew, or hangout with girls who do. They haven’t read the Bible or can’t find the verses fast enough. But, at some point in their life, they heard God calling them and they prayed to receive Him. They are saved, but church people drive them away.   We are saved, because God has called us, and we turn to Him, and ask Him to save us. We confess Jesus as our Lord, and start to follow the Holy Spirit as He guides us. We are not saved because we follow rules. We grow, and get better, but we still sin. Our sins are not held against us, we are growing. We abide in Him.        

I got saved when I was young. Then, I started living like the devil. I was saved, but knew nothing about living a spiritual life. All I knew was that I still sinned, and all the church people were perfect; or at least acted perfect. They never failed. They had perfect families, and perfect teeth. But, I was a failure, even at that age. I was not important to them.            

So, what is wrong with me? My Christian experience has not been perfect. I don’t obey all the rules. Even when I try, I fail in a dozen other ways. I lust. I anger. I hate. I doubt. I want possessions. I’m a glutton. I’m a liar. I’m disobedient. I’m an addict. I’m a rebel.     

I am not that perfect Christian. But, I am saved. He has shown me, and He gives me his perfection, and continues to work on me. I am better than I was, not because of my works but because of His victory. I did not become a mess over night, and I won’t get out of it over night either. Spiritual growth is a process. I am already saved, but I am getting better too. It’s like getting a shot to heal a disease. I am healed, but the scar and symptoms are still going away.            

Those perfect Christians were born in the church and never left. They have not experienced the depths of evil that many of us have experienced. They are the Elder brother. Do not let them drive you away from God. Abide in Him no matter how bad you seem to be. Keep turning to Him and confessing your sin, and asking Him to work, and save. He will.            

We need to stop acting like we are perfect, by our own power. We live in a fallen world that needs God. Christ did not come for perfect people. He came for all of us. Our failure shows that He is working on us. It shows we are human and need God. It shows that we are real. I’m a failure, but I’m right in Him.

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