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Out of the Zone

  You’re doing great! You’re keeping your diet. You’re staying sober. You’re meeting your goals and success is coming. You’re working your dreams, and living the spirit life. You’re writing and doing your art. Your creativity flows; you are happy and positive.            

You remember those times. You remember those days when you were there. You were in the zone. It was flowing, and you had it. You were growing and everything was roses and you were on top.            

But, you fell out of the zone. You ate the donuts. You got distracted by work, by life, by trouble, by making money, and all the cares of this life. It pulled you out of your happy place.            

Get back into it. Pray. Surround yourself with those good things, and set your eyes upon it, everywhere. Immerse yourself in the things of your hopes and dreams. Dive into the spirit. Escape into the creative. Let the things of this world and life eat itself up, while you focus on what your purpose is, and what God has called you to do. Focus on Him.            

Seek it. Knock and dive right in. Avoid those distractions. Pray for those people who drown you. Help them but stay focused. You are here for a reason. This world exists to distract you, and pull you down, if you let it. Or you can use it to inspire you and grow you, in your service to God and others. You are here to love. You are here to bring joy and peace to the nations.            

Create, like your Master who created you.

(Photograph is from the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C., A display in front of the building.)

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