Adventure Where You Are

Traveling is an adventure. It’s the hope of seeing new things and getting that ‘Wow” factor that thrills you. It’s also that feeling of enlightenment, when you have experienced something that moves you, or alters your life, or fills a void, or answers a question for you. It’s something that moves you forward in your life’s journey.            

Are you open to it? Do you chase the dream you have been given? Do you go after the things you have been drawn to? When you are right where God wants you to be, things happen. You might not understand why or what, but seek, ask, knock and it will open. Try and trust. Confront your fears, and see what happens.            

This journey can happen anywhere. This adventure can thrill you at any time. It’s your soul and spirit that is growing. It’s the real you who is climbing the mountain or trudging through the valley; that real you. It’s the person that no one knows but God; that real child that this world forced you to swallow down.           

It’s that child who sees things, and loves things, and is free.  It’s the child who is fearless and wants to adventure; the child who continues to grow within us, despite our efforts to be grown up.            

Change your mind. Choose to be happy. Be the joy you want to see. Be the person you want to be. Focus on the love and directions you are called to. Focus on God and let Him grow you and direct you, and you will see great things. You will adventure right where you are.           

Remember those dreams you had, before you were forced to start being a slave, and working to make money. Go after them again. Ignore the voices that say you can’t. Ignore the thoughts that turn you toward your responsibilities. You were not born to pay bills, and then die. Just take a little step in the direction you love. You don’t have to jump off a cliff today. Just look into it. Pray about. Watch doors open, as you focus on what you love, and want to do.            

It’s not where you go, or where you are that matters. It’s the thrill of living the life you choose to live. And being where God wants you to be.

(Photograph of the Little Muddy River in Southern Illinois)

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