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A Better Day

For many folks, family is not a good thing. They are a bunch of people that you are required to answer to. They are just another layer of rules and laws designed to keep you from being you. They are a bunch of people who were raised as jacked up as you were and yet they think they have some ability to speak truth into your life. But, the truth is often sickness. It’s negativity that comes in the form of subtle ridicule. It’s the place and people that you spend your entire life trying to escape from and being healed from. The people who never wanted you to rise above what they think you should be.            

But yet, you find that the world is full of these people. They are all jacked up, and you learn that it’s ok to be jacked up or else you will go insane, desiring something better. There is no better. It’s just a different kind of jacked up. Your friends are jacked up, your co-workers are jacked up, your church is full of jacked up people. But, yet God loves all of them and loves you and me too. He wants us to love them as well. There is nothing better in this fallen world. We are all covered in filth. And it’s ok. We give ourselves to God, and He makes our souls golden, and then starts the process of correcting all the devastated things in our lives, while helping us resist the piles of new ruin that comes upon us daily.            

And that’s the problem with church. It’s a group of people called family who think they have authority over your life. And they often act like real families. Nosy, abusive, demanding, controlling, manipulating, they are like the leach, always saying more and more. God is not so, He sets us free. He convinces us of what’s best. He blesses us. He does not control us, He protects us in our folly, until we realize that it is folly, and then He rewards us. He brings us peace, love and joy, not dread. When I fear God, He tells me that He has it figured out. He has me in His hands, and will never forsake me. He is not my enemy.            

If we are raised in jacked up families, failed churches and ruined governments that never really please us or fulfill us; which leaves us messed up and feeling like slaves. If that is all we have ever known, and that is all that all humans have ever known. Then why do we even think of something better? Why do we even realize that there’s a problem with man? Because God has put it into our hearts to seek better, and He is all that is better. He is the answer to what ails us.            

This world is fallen; it is in the hands of the Devil. His minions have sought to conquer and control and build a system, since before Babylon. They have created a wealth system that benefits a few while enslaving the rest of us, and exploiting God’s creation, devouring and consuming, like the giants of old. It will grow and wax worse, until the King comes.            

Our discontent is designed by God to cause us to seek Him. He is our only source of salvation and sanctification. He has placed heaven in our hearts so we will know that we are not there yet. We know there was better, and there is better yet to come. We know what we see is not all there is, or else we would be perfectly happy in our misery. Does a fish realize he is in water? Does he take yoga and meditation, and Bible studies, and counseling, and prayer circles, and church services, to help him cope with what has surrounded him his whole life?             

No, because he does not see a better day. He does not know that his lake is just a small place to live in. But, for some reason humans see a better day, beyond what we are submerged in. We see a day, when we do not need to be slaves to other humans in order to fill our aching belly. We see a day when we can do what we love, and serve others for the joy of it, and be free to walk away. We see a day, where our needs are met, like in the garden of paradise, and we are free, to be alone, and with God. That place where we are really content, not using mind tricks to be that way. We long for that better day. We want to die, for that better day. We have faith in that better day. Whether we build it, or we go there, or it comes to us, it must come, and it must consume us, and set us free.            

Where is that better day? Death? Paradise? Heaven?  or some future utopia, that mankind will ruin with his filth. Build that better day in you. Let God, prepare you for that better day, lest we ruin it, like everything else we touch.            

In that place, in that better day, we will be with our people, and our family. The ones who have gone before and they will be golden. They will be clean and better and full of peace love and joy. No more filth. No more darkness. And we will sit on the porch and laugh, and talk, and happily go to our special places, prepared for us. And we will matter. We will be known, and respected and loved. We will be the being God created and always wanted us to be. And He will be with us, always, and forever more.

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