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One of the first things that needs to be done, is for “leaders” to prove that the masses can trust them. We currently do not, and for good reason. Any effort to effect change in our world will fail without the masses of people supporting it in some way.  But, when we get told that we should stop living in a manner that is irresponsible while seeing our leaders, living high on the hog, it’s just another example of why we cannot trust them.            

Our leaders support the major industries and corporations of the world, who are the ones doing the raping of our world. They create the poisons and machines that have done all the destruction, then tell us they have the solution. They take money from our checks, keeping us in poverty, and then give it to their friends in high places. They pass laws that ruin our lives, while giving their friends loopholes.            

We see “important” people breaking laws, and doing things that would get the regular guy a visit from the FBI. We see those same people getting light sentences for crimes that would put Joe Blow away for a decade.            

We see leaders constantly working to pass laws that would chip away at the Constitution piece by piece. They make promises to us to get elected, and then never follow through. They are just a different suit on the stage pushing the same agenda, while the media lies to us over and over again.            

How can we trust people who we all suspect might put us in concentration camps one day? And don’t act like you don’t think it. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on.            

So, when they come out with a “Deal” to save the world, why should we trust them? When they call us fools, ignorant and racist, why should we support them? When they say the science is settled, but their college buddy still poisons the world from his factory, why should we trust them?            

Our leaders in all walks of life need to start being more honest, open, trustworthy, and fair. They need to stop pushing secret agendas, and being corrupt. They need to stop making themselves rich, while we are poor. They need to stop voting for their own pay increases while we live hand to mouth. They need to stop being millionaires while the vast majority of us cannot afford to lose a single paycheck. They got rich while they were in office, and we should trust them?

The masses need leaders who are real with us. We need leaders who are really for us.
Leaders we can trust to not pass laws that steal our freedom and our hopes. Maybe then we can trust them enough to believe them.  Maybe then, we can change things.  

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