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Christian Environmentalism

I love God’s creation. I believe that He created mankind to “Dress and Keep it” (Gen.2:15) we are to take care of and protect God’s creation. That is one of the first commandments He gave mankind. It is our original purpose on Earth. We are to walk with our Creator, to have a relationship with Him, and take care of the creation He has given us dominion over.            

We are not to love the creation more than the Creator. We are not to worship the things of this world, by making them gods in our lives.  We are to set our gaze upon Him, and things eternal. While fulfilling our responsibility to do the job He has given us, and building the Kingdom.            

Adam and Eve failed in that task, and allowed Satan and his hordes to take dominion of the Earth. This brought Death and the Plague of Sin into our lives and existence. God imposed the Curse, in order to cause us to seek Him, and turn to Him in our toils, and be saved.            

So, why do Christians seem to have such a negative view of the environment and our responsibilities in regards to it? Protecting creation is our purpose for being created, along with having a relationship with God. We can see that God tells man to “Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the Earth.” (Gen. 1:28) This is a commandment from God. This is when God gave us our sex drive. But, He also commands us to “Replenish the Earth.”            

Many claim this verse refers to a former creation that God destroyed. But, there’s no real evidence of this. I believe that in context of a command for population growth (Be fruitful and multiply), God is giving a conservation lesson. As we grow in population, we are to practice behaviors which restore, or conserves or replenishes the Earth, and the things we use.            

God gives us dominion over the Earth. But, this is to be practiced in Love and Compassion, not sinful lust for money and selfish desires.            

God cares for His creation and plainly shows it when he drives Israel from the land for refusing to let the land rest. (Lev. 26:32-35, 2 Chron. 36:17-23) They did not trust God to take care of them, and they worshiped money or wealth from the land more than God.            

It’s obvious that there is a connection with our spirits and God’s creation; that His commandments upon us are for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It’s throughout the entire Bible. He warns of things, and commands us to do things, because there are consequences, and I’m not just talking about eternity and the Lake of Fire. He sent Jesus Christ to save us from that, but there are still consequences in this world, for the things we do or don’t do.  We reap what we sow; there is cause and effect, which comes back upon us. His commands, are efforts, to show us we need Him, we need to be saved, and how to live in His creation, with less trouble.      

The Church and many Christians have had a negative view of climate change. I have been the same. I have viewed climate change as a boogie man created by Satan and his minions as a tool to help foster in world government, The New World Order Anti-Christ Kingdom prophesied to come. I still believe this and it seems very plausible, especially when you see who is pushing the agenda, and the other things going on around us.            

But, I recently read a book called “Hot, Flat and Crowded” by Thomas L. Friedman, in which the writer gives lots of information about “Climate Change” This got me to thinking some things about these last days we are in.            

Is it possible that our sin has brought about the destruction of our world, and that everything described in the scriptures is the result of it? That God has allowed us to heap together destruction unto ourselves, because we refuse to listen to Him, and turn to Him? We have done much evil, but we have not protected our world. Our greed and lust for wealth, and our selfishness, has consumed more and more, which we have not replenished. Our refusal to love God, His creation, and our neighbors, and ourselves has resulted in destruction. Do we care for the sparrow? He does.            

Our rampant sexual behaviors have brought population booms that devour everything in the world. We cannot continue to hoard land and live in greed, while having no self –control. That is just a small portion of what we have done and how it could possibly be leading to destruction.            

We know that our actions can destroy our lives. Why not our world as well? God kicked Israel out from the land. He kicked Adam out of the Garden. He can drive us out as well. But, where will we go?  Caves?  Babylon?            

The Church should stop being so opposed to efforts to save the environment. We should be leading. We can do right without endorsing the efforts of the enemy. It is not an affront to God for us to make our churches, homes and businesses more environmentally friendly, and to support such things locally. The Church has already let government take over the feeding of the poor. The Church has embraced technology that will directly be used to support the Mark of the Beast. The Church has behaved in all kinds of ways, which has allowed the Enemy place, to destroy people’s lives, and pull them from God.  But, yet we balk at protecting the Creation.            

Honestly, what good are we doing? We preach the Gospel, and give people hope for eternity, but then preach that it’s ok to make this world miserable for people. Doesn’t God provide a hope and a future? We talk about how women should not abort, but we condemn her for being pregnant out of wedlock, getting welfare, and using drugs to feel better. We condemn the heroin addict, while gorging ourselves on fried chicken and coffee, while women sit listening to the preacher on anti-depressants. We condemn the lazy worker, while supporting bosses who rob them of wages, and refuse to treat them with respect. We demand that people lick the boots, of their corporate masters, and government, but continue to let these entities, create Satan’s global kingdom.            

What is the Church doing? We attack each other for the slightest infraction. We destroy any preacher who is not doing exactly what we think he should do. We search high and low to make a person a Christian, and when we have them we make them worse than ourselves, or drive them away from Christ, because they cannot stand to be around us and our self-righteous garbage. We are called to be salt and light, and to spread the Gospel. We are to be hated for Christ’s sake, not because we are worthless jerks.            

We need to change.

(Photograph of a water fall outside of Pittsburgh, PA in Ohiopyle State Park)

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