My First Blog Post

I don’t want to write a quote, but I cannot figure out how to turn it off.

— Oscar Wilde.

My First Blog Post


This will be my first blog post, as the title states. I wanted something that sets the stage for what follows. Something that will explain my goals, my desires and explain where I’m coming from.      

The first thing I want to do is help people. This world is a dark place, and I want to overcome evil with good. I am going to be a light for others. That is what each of us should be trying to do in our lives. To live with God, and to be a breath of life for others.       

This blog will be many things. I am a jack of all trades, and always have been. I simply cannot stay focused on one thing for long. However, I love learning and I enjoy sharing what I have learned. Even though I have had trouble with focus, there are certain things that consistently permeate my life. Spiritual things of all kinds have always been there. Even when it was the farthest thing from my active mind, it was there. The Outdoors, Travel, and Adventure of all kinds, are peppered throughout. I have also been dealing with Recovery from the things of my past. The addictions to substances, drink and negative things in life. God is healing me, and I’m interested in real health, Spiritual, Mental and Physical. Health that permeates all aspects of life.       

This blog will often use my life experiences, as a tool to teach, help and encourage others. I am going to talk about my travels, as limited as they might be at this time, and my adventures. I am going to talk about my life events. I’m going to talk about my growth from being a failed, violent, alcoholic, ex-con to something better. I am going to talk about healing, spiritual things and liberty. I will speak about the issues that effect us all at times, and freedom lots of freedom. But overall, I want to be real. I want to climb higher and bring others with me.       

I hope as you read my writing you’ll realize that I’m just a normal working guy. Anything I do, you can do also. I’m not a superstar. I’m not one of those million dollar people who don’t know what the average person deals with.     

I have been in the darkest places of the mind and soul. I have done terrible things. I have failed. I have been hurt. I’ve gone through many of life’s worst issues. Just like you. God has led me through and has grown me. I have overcome through Him. That leads me to want to awaken and lift up others, so they can restore their broken lives, and thrive in this fallen world.      

I want to encourage others to turn to God, and let Him save you, grow you and guide you to be who He created you to be. I am just a servant. I want to help you in your journey. Have a great day.

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